Absolutely Fabulous Interior Design

Absolutely Fabulous Interior Design

Absolute Interiors and The Bathroom Studio/ Bespoke Kitchen Company forge new creative bond

PUT two talented interior designers in the same room and you might expect sparks to fly; but not so with Jason Short and George Campbell.

The two have forged a creative bond, bringing together two major North East design companies to collaborate on new and highly ambitious projects.

Jason, MD of Absolute Interiors, and George, senior designer with The Bathroom Studio & Bespoke Kitchen Company, are now in the midst of two major interior design collaborations which perfectly illustrate the benefits of liaisons between specialist companies.

Jason first asked George to collaborate with him when he was asked by clients to replicate a beautiful bathroom they had seen in a luxury hotel in Dubai. “I was doing the interior design for the rest of the house, which is in Rickleton, Washington, and the client was raving about this amazing bathroom they had seen in Dubai,” he said. “They wanted a version of it just for them and the first people I thought of were The Bathroom Studio.”

Jason, whose Newcastle design studio is the only dedicated stockist of the prestigious American Bernhardt furniture collection outside London, said: “My link up with The Bathroom Studio & Bespoke Kitchen Company meant I was able to introduce another specialist service to my clients which I was confident would complement my interior design service in terms of quality and customer service. It’s extremely useful to bring in another specialist to such an ambitious project and this is working very well.”

The relationship between Absolute Interiors and The Bathroom Studio & Bespoke Kitchen Company has been further cemented with another spectacular project for a house in Darras Hall, Ponteland, near Newcastle, for which George Campbell has designed the kitchen.

George said: “Both of these projects are ambitious and highly specialised. My job is to interpret the clients’ brief while at the same time complementing what Jason is doing in the rest of the house. Fortunately, Jason and I speak the same language and we both care passionately about our work and our vision. Both of us will move heaven and earth to get exactly the right materials for the job.”

Materials are of course key to these projects, and both of these highly specialised jobs have utilised only the best. For the bathroom at the house in Rickleton, for instance, George has carried on a theme of stained American black walnut with marble and faux crocodile skin used elsewhere in the house by Jason.

Meanwhile, at the house in Darras Hall, the contemporary lines of the rest of the house have been echoed by George in the kitchen which is based around just three highly contemporary materials – American black walnut, Corian work surfaces in a cream and brown granite mix and stainless steel.

“I work well with Jason because he listens to his clients, putting a tick against all their essential criteria while interpreting their dreams to give them the ultimate in design,” said George. “That makes this a very special business partnership.”

* Absolute Interiors is based in Newcastle and offers a full bespoke interior design service to customers nationwide and abroad. The Absolute Interiors Showroom in Barrack Road, Newcastle, is the only dedicated stockist of Bernhardt furniture outside London.




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