Jason’s Designs of Fashion

What the best-dressed interior designer is wearing…

Jason Short is an interior designer and managing director of the Absolute Interior Design showroom in Newcastle city centre. A self-confessed clothes horse, his fashion style, like his interior design, is classically contemporary.

Today I’m wearing … My favourite Hugo Boss navy blue suit with a crisp white shirt by Emporio Armani and a pair of Patrick Cox black boots. I suppose this outfit is typical of my look. I like beautifully cut suits and I keep accessories to a minimum, preferring to let the suit, the shirt and the boots speak for themselves, creating a clean, smart outline.

Favourite shopping haunt … In Newcastle, I shop in Cruise, Jules B and Cecil G. I’m essentially into a very smart look, though I never wear ties these days, preferring the relaxed, confident look achieved by just wearing a really good quality shirt. I suppose my clients would probably expect me to have a pretty defined fashion sense and I think they also expect me to be very smart.

I chill out in … When I get home to my partner Rebecca and our baby boy, Samuel, I tend to throw on jeans and a t-shirt or casual shirt and loafers. All my jeans are Armani or Versace because I love their cut.

Shoes or boots … Boots by choice, even in the summer. They just feel smarter. I do sometimes relent and opt for Gucci loafers, but Patrick Cox boots are my footwear of choice.

I love my … Navy suit by Hugo Boss. It goes with everything, it is beautifully cut and it is effortlessly stylish – just as a good suit should be.

Big spender or high street … I suppose I probably qualify as a big spender. I don’t go shopping that often, but when I do I am extravagant. I really enjoy clothes, which I suppose isn’t that surprising when you consider that I am a designer. I go back and forth to London for work a lot and enjoy shopping in Harvey Nichols and Harrods. All too often, when I’m down there I have a bit of a spree, as I also do when I’m in New York, which is a fantastic place to shop.

I can’t stand … The sales! I hate, hate, hate sales. It’s like a cattle market out there and I’m just not prepared to put myself through it.

I admire the style of … Jude Law, when he’s in smart mode, dresses in beautiful clothes, put together in a unique way. He has his own, slightly unconventional style, which I enjoy. I also like the style of George Clooney, which is classic, smart and masculine.

I would love a … Hand made Italian suit. Julian Blades at Jules B in Jesmond gets two chaps in from the Italian designer house Pal Zileri for a few days each year and I am certainly going to treat myself to an appointment with them one of these days.


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